April 26, 2012

The Beatles - Brian Epstein Blues [Demo] (1968)

The Let It Be release was going to be much different than what actually came to be. Rather than a film accompanying the album’s release, it was initially planned that a live televised concert would precede the album’s release so that everyone at the show and tuning in would hear the songs for the first time, live, via the concert.
Places considered for the concert included a lunatic asylum and the Roman Colosseum. Another idea being thrown around was getting all of the attendees who had tickets, putting them on cruise ships, sailing them through the Mediterranean Sea, and having the concert in the middle of the Tunisian desert.
Needless to say, those ideas never came to fruition. Aggravation within the band led the members to being more concerned with actually finishing the album rather than the location of the concert. As we now know, the concert took place on Apple Corps’ rooftop, which is now famously known as “the rooftop concert”.

Quite separately, today’s song comes from an earlier time, in 1968, when The Beatles were recording “Sexy Sadie” for The Beatles (The White Album). John Lennon improvised this song about The Beatles' manager, Brian Epstein, while the other members of the group loosely jammed along in the background. Although it cannot be found on any of The Beatles’ official releases, you can locate it if you go sifting around in the bootlegs. Enjoy!

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The Beatles - Brian Epstein Blues [Demo] (1968)

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What about Brian Epstein?
And his brother Sam?
They was workin' in a coal mine
Doing what I am
And what about brother Ernie?
He's shuttin' down the fire
But if you tell the time
About his brother Sam

…about his brother Clive
He's a dirty old man

Well what about Brian Epstein?
He's God damned in jail
He's workin’ in the coal mine
Sittin' there in his cell
His mother got a queenie
Well, she's the queen of them all

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