April 19, 2012

The Nite Riders - Tornado (1967)

Composed entirely of kids aged thirteen to fifteen, this group released a highly-requested song, “She’s Mine,” in the Worcester, Massachusetts area in the 1960s. Playing bars and clubs despite their young age, their lead singer, Dave Daniels, came from a family associated with famous musicians such as Bobby Darin. The group’s drummer, Chucky, who was only thirteen, had his mother dress up as a chauffeur and bring the group to their gigs in a black limo. Sadly, Chucky passed away at the age of eighteen due to a drug overdose.

This song was the B-side to their aforementioned hit above. It was entirely instrumental and displays the young members’ advanced playing ability. They were able to record the single after winning a battle of the bands contest sponsored by the WORC radio station. Written by Daniels, the song was inspired by The Ventures, Buck Owens, and Chuck Berry.

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The Nite Riders - Tornado (1967)

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