April 24, 2012

Zerfas - I Need It Higher (1973)

Coming out of Indianapolis, Indiana, this psychedelic group was composed of late-teenage brothers David Zerfas and Brian “Herman” Zerfas. Sometimes known as the Jubal Band, their only album, Zerfas, was released in 1973 to very limited success (much in the southeastern US) on the 700 West record label. Only five hundred copies were made, making it now sought after by collectors at a great price.

According to Herman, this song was written and originally performed at a much faster pace by the brothers in 1969 when they were still going by the Jubal Band name. After winning some local contests, they agreed to record it in 1973. David and Herman were the only members of the group at that time.

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Zerfas - I Need It Higher (1973)

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I need it higher; want it so bad
I need it higher; forget I’m sad
Up in the morning; stains on my brain
Help stop my crying; forget the pain

Sweeter than honey, your love’s that fine
Seems like I miss you; I need to climb

I need it higher; I want you back
Outside is inside; look, I’m so sad

Morning and evening, yeah, I should have known
They’re both so black now, I want you home

I need it higher; everything’s cold
Feels like I’m dying- losing my hold
I need it higher; I wish I was dead!
I need it higher; want it so bad!

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