April 09, 2012

Jim Morrison - Woman in the Window [Demo] (1969)

Poet, lyricist, and lead singer of The Doors, this legend had one of the best voices in rock music history. Due to his uninhibited nature and wild persona, he is often cited as one of rock’s greatest frontmen of all time. Leather pants are associated with rock stars because of his choice to frequently wear them. His vocals were inspired by Elvis and Frank Sinatra and, in turn, he would strongly influence The Stooges, Pearl Jam, and countless others. His death came too soon, at the age of twenty-seven, and his life was far too grand to accurately surmise here.

This song comes from a collection of material that Jim Morrison recorded, known as The Lost Paris Tapes. It can be inferred from the spoken musical cues throughout the recordings that all of the tracks were meant to evolve into songs for a future Doors’ album. Unfortunately, Morrison passed away before their use. The surviving members of The Doors recorded music over some of the vocals found on the recordings and released them on various posthumous albums and box sets.

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Jim Morrison - Woman in the Window [Demo] (1969)

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Then we hear all these horns honking in the rhythm. Da da da-da-da. Da da da-da-da. And sirens, distant, approaching.

I am the woman in the window
See the children playing
Soldier, sailor, young man on your way
To the summer swimming pool

Can you see me standing?
In my window, can you hear me laughing?

Come upstairs, sir, to your room
And I will play for you

Oh, dreamland, golden scene land
Try to sleep, lamb; take us to dreamland
I am unhappy- far from my woman
Take me to dreamland, land of the banyan
Land of plentiful pleasures of pines
Potatoes on tables, laden with good things

“Eat at my table,” she cried to the vineyards
Calling the workers home from the meadows
“Man, you are evil; get out of my garden”
Ours is a good place- home of the reindeer

Sell me your pony- your fast golden pony
I need his strength and his terrible footsteps
Riding the prairie, just me and my angel
Just try and stop us- we’re going to love

Open your window, woman of Palestine
Throw down your raiment and cover us over


  1. I Love him, thanks for this rarity.

    1. No problem! If you like this one, there's a whole album worth of material to be heard on "The Lost Paris Tapes".