March 02, 2012

The Gants - My Baby Don't Care (1965)

Named after a popular brand of shirt with a button-down collar, this group started up in 1963 playing instrumentals and covering R&B hits. Half of the group was still in high school while the other half was in college when they first found success. At one point in time or another, they played concerts with The Animals, The Dave Clark Five, The Yardbirds, and The Box Tops.

This song, heard below and released in 1965, was the B-side to their Bo Diddley cover, “Road Runner”. It was written by Sid Herring, the group’s lead singer, and borrows its melody from The Beatles’ “Ticket to Ride”.

A Special Edition post with Sid Herring of The Gants!

Today’s post is another amazing special edition! The lead singer, guitarist, and primary songwriter of The Gants, Sid Herring, was kind enough to share a story with A Bit Like You And Me! Here's Sid:
A Bit Like You And Me and readers,

I have a story that not many people know about. When we [The Gants] came to Nashville, Tennessee to finish the Road Runner album in 1965 at The Red Barn Studios, we were on the way back to the hotel after the recording session when, at a stop light, these girls pulled up beside our car, looked over at us, and started screaming.

"There's Herman's Hermits!"

We rolled down the window and they freaked out. As we started talking to them, Vince [Montgomery, bass guitarist] said to me, "They think you’re Peter Noone! Go ahead; let them think that,” to which I replied, “But my English accent isn’t very good!" Vince said to ‘do it anyway and ask them to come up to the room.’ So I did.

We rolled up the window, took off, and they followed us. We were laughing like crazy. I said, "You guys have to help me with this!" Vince agreed.

Shortly after we got up to the room, there was a knock at the door. It was the three girls. I told Vince he'd have to help me out. I opened the door and let them in. I looked at Vince and thought, "Well say something!" Vince wouldn't say a word. So I started talking with my not-so-good English accent and the girls kind of looked at each other. They started asking me questions.

Meanwhile, nobody said a thing but me. After a bit, I almost started to tell them how I wasn’t Peter Noone, but didn't, and continued in my fake English accent. Then, one of them said she had a friend that was over in England that knew Peter Noone and asked me where I lived in England! I didn't know what part of England that Peter Noone was from, so I said “Brickwidge, England,” not knowing if there even was a Brickwidge, England! I just thought it sounded English.

So after not having said a word, the guys finally started laughing. I continued with my accent (which was getting worse) and escorted the girls out the door. After I closed the door, everybody started laughing like crazy and we could hear the girls laughing on the other side.

That was a very funny experience for The Gants. I’ve signed many autographs as Peter Noone before, because no one would ever believe that I wasn’t him. It was the only way I could get them to leave me alone, but it was all in fun!

Thanks for letting us be involved. We appreciate it very much.

-Sid Herring of The Gants

Sid Herring (left) of The Gants and Peter Noone (right) of Herman's Hermits

The Gants had the honor of being the very first post on this site with their song "I Wonder," which you can hear here. A very special 'thank you' to Sid for sharing such a great story!

Don't forget to check out where you can hear samples and purchase Sid's new album, Music For Friends!!

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The Gants - My Baby Don't Care (1965)

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I think I should be worried
It doesn’t matter now
But why should I be worried?
She doesn’t love me anyhow

My baby don’t care
My baby don’t care
But I love her anyway

I gave her everything
For riches and gold
I gave her diamond rings
And things that couldn’t be sold

My baby don’t care
My baby don’t care
But I love her anyway

The things she used to do
I could tell she’s not mine
The things she used to say
I could tell she just lied
Just lied

I tried everything I know
But nothing seems to be right
She knows that I love her so
Stayed with her all through the night
Oh, yeah

My baby don’t care
My baby don’t care
But I love her anyway


  1. Very interesting story, I had a good laugh