March 07, 2012

Beck, Page, Jones, Moon, & Hopkins – Beck’s Bolero (1966)

Although they never officially became a group, this collection of musicians did manage to get together long enough to record one song together, heard below, in 1966. The “group” was composed of: Jeff Beck of The Yardbirds (and later The Jeff Beck Group); Jimmy Page of The Yardbirds (and later Led Zeppelin); John Paul Jones, a session musician (and later of Led Zeppelin); Keith Moon of The Who; and Nicky Hopkins, a session musician keyboardist who had worked frequently with The Rolling Stones.

Keith Moon arrived to the session wearing a disguise so nobody would know he was playing with somebody other than The Who. John Entwistle, also of The Who, was scheduled to play bass until he had to back out and was replaced by John Paul Jones.

Later released as the B-side to Jeff Beck’s single, “Hi Ho Silver Lining,” this song was originally supposed to be only the beginning of the guys work together. Planning to record a full album, they failed to locate a lead vocalist after being denied by Steve Mariott of The Small Faces. Combined with contractual obligations, the album never happened and this was the only song recorded. The history of this song is quite interesting, and can be read in more detail, on Wikipedia, here.

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Beck, Page, Jones, Moon, & Hopkins – Beck’s Bolero (1966)

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