March 27, 2012

Dave Mason - Sad and Deep as You [Live] (1971)

This artist has played and recorded with some of music’s most prominent names: The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Michael Jackson, George Harrison, and Jimi Hendrix, the last of with whom he was good friends with. His start in the music industry was highlighted by his band, Traffic, with which he always had a rocky relationship. Hits written by Mason with Traffic include “Feelin’ Alright” and “Hole in My Shoe,” while he also had solo success with “We Just Disagree”.

Today’s song was originally heard on Mason’s first solo album, Alone Together, released in 1970. This particular version, however, was recorded in 1971, live, and first released on the album Scrapbook (1972). Since Scrapbook was never made into a digital format, this live version of the song was first heard (in a digital format) on the 2006 compilation album, The Definitive Collection.

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Dave Mason - Sad and Deep as You [Live] (1971)

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Lips that are as warm could be
Lips that speak too soon
Lips that tell a story
As sad and deep as you

Smile that's warm as summer sun
Smile that gets you through
Smile that tells a story
As sad and deep as you

The eyes that are the windows
Eyes that are the view
Eyes that tell a story
As sad and deep as you

Tears that are unspoken words
The tears that are the truth
Tears that tell a story
As sad and deep as you

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  1. We spend hours every day listening to your awesome blog. The descriptions are so insightful and what COOL music! Deep cuts from another place and time. The guy who usually streams music at work is out slacking off so we are using A Bit Like You And Me blog as a surrogate today. Rock On!