November 27, 2011

Bill Justis - Raunchy (1957)

A pioneer of rock and roll, this artist arranged music for Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison, and Johnny Cash at Sun Records while recording music for himself on the side. In 1957, he had his first big song, heard below, which became the first instrumental rock and roll hit. Later in life, he wrote the music for Smokey and the Bandit as well as other Hollywood movies.

When Paul McCartney’s friend, George Harrison, auditioned to be in John Lennon’s band, The Quarrymen, on the top of a double-decker bus, late at night, he played this song. It was 1958 and any reservations Lennon had about Harrison being “too young” for the band vanished when Harrison played the song without flaw.

Bill Justis - Raunchy

Bill Justis - Raunchy (1957)

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