May 29, 2012

Wishbone Ash - Valediction (1971)

Formed in 1969, this British group is remembered for being innovators in using two lead guitars. Originally the band was trying to choose between Ted Turner and Andy Powell for who would become their guitarist. Unable to make a decision, they decided to see what would happen if they both played simultaneously. It was a success. Both of the guitarists would later be put in the Top 20 of Rolling Stones’ “Greatest Guitarists of All-Time”. Although many members of the band have come and gone since, the group still performs to this day, having released twenty-three albums.

This song comes from the group’s second album, Pilgrimage, released in 1971. The album featured a more folk-oriented sound, which differed from the blues rock style found on their first album. This song in particular features a four-part harmony that was attempting to capitalize on the success of Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young. Although the song and album did well, it wasn’t until their third album that they were considered to reach their peak.

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Wishbone Ash - Valediction (1971)

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Breathing is a sin, they say
‘Loneliness’ is the price to pay
Sad for you, I go once more
I'll dry my eyes on a distant shore

No way of freezing your rising tide
No way of keeping you by my side
Like a bird, I'll fly high
Guarding over this love of mine

Room of trust
A room of fears
A room of laughter with a few sweet tears
There we lay that sunny dawn
Calm but helpless as it lingered on

No way of breaking the march of time
No way of keeping our love sublime
Like a bird, I'll fly high
Watching over this love of mine

Many times we hurry by
Lose our problems in a knowing smile
Many days were swept along
Left unnoticed as our love grew strong

Knowing that each of us would always know
Believing one of us will never go
Like a bird, I'll fly high
Watching over this love of mine

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