February 26, 2013

The Sure Cure - Anything You Want (1966)

Though I haven’t been able to research too much information about this band, it appears to be one of the various projects of the blues guitarist Ed Wool. Wool, who started in Ed Wool and The Nomads, was from Watertown, New York, as was each of his various bands. Besides Ed Wool and The Nomads, Wool was also in this group, The Pineapple Heard, and WOOL, with WOOL being his most recognizable work. It appears that under the Sure Cure name only one single was released, of which you can hear the A-Side below.

Written by Tandyn Almer, this song was released in 1966 on Cameo-Parkway Records and featured the B-Side “I Wanna Do It.” Almer, who had a genius-level IQ and invented the Slave-Master bong, was notable for his hit song “Along Comes Mary,” which brought national attention to The Association. A musician, composer, lyricist, and record producer, Almer passed away on January 8th, 2013.

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The Sure Cure - Anything You Want (1966)

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Forgive my coming out like this
But I want you for my own
You wouldn’t want me to feel sorry
Just ‘cause I’m on my own
Fireworks and tiny bells inside my head each time you smile
And hope that we may sometime be together for a while

And you’re just a fantasy I dreamed of
A diamond in the rough
I could adore you just forever
And never get enough
Other guys will take you out and leave you wanting to yourself
And tell you lots of pretty things and leave you on the shelf

But I’ll give you anything you want

This life’s not worth it without you, babe
I really can’t exist
You’re just a miracle to save me
I knew it when we kissed
In your eyes, I see the milk and honey promise of your kiss
The lips that only could give satisfaction such as this

And I’ll give you anything you want
I’ll give you anything you want
I’ll give you anything you want…

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