February 04, 2013

The Cyrkle - Walter's Riff (1967)

This band, previously featured on our site, is primarily remembered for their hit song, “Red Rubber Ball,” released in 1966 and heard previously on A Bit Like You And Me. Being the band’s first single, the song appeared to be what the group needed to start off on a successful career. Their next single release, “Turn Down Day,” although not as popular as their first hit, was still a success. Their next three singles along with their second album, Neon, were unfortunately overlooked by listeners and had the band on the brink of collapse. Wanting to give it one last shot, the band agreed to perform the soundtrack for an upcoming movie, The Minx.

Trying to pass as a “Rated X” movie when the fad to do so was occurring, The Minx movie completely bombed. Although I’ve never seen it, there isn’t a single positive review to be found in my searching. It appears that the biggest highlight of the film was indeed the soundtrack provided by this band. This particular song was recorded, with all the others for the film, in 1967. It sounds as if it could have been recorded for a Spaghetti Western and appeared as the eleventh song on the movie’s soundtrack. Entirely instrumental, the song is only one minute and twelve seconds long. The film, The Minx was released in 1969.

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The Cyrkle - Walter's Riff (1967)

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