October 25, 2011

The Who - Blue, Red and Grey (1975)

Spanning forty years and still performing to this day, this band, in the minds of many, is considered to be one of the greatest rock bands of all time. From My Generation in 1965 through Who Are You in 1978, this band has put together a monumental catalog of amazing songs. Their album, Tommy (1969), is one of the greatest albums of all time and should be sat and listened to as if you were watching a movie (and, later, was a movie).

This song comes from the album The Who By Numbers, where all synthesizers and overdubbing was left behind. The entire album revolves around the inner demons of Pete Townshend, who penned all but one track, including alcoholism, loneliness, and getting older, among others. This track and “Squeeze Box” stand out as the only rays of sunshine on an otherwise depressing album.

[Update: For a brief period of time, The Who were known as The High Numbers, which you can listen to on this site.]

The Who - Blue, Red and Grey

The Who - Blue, Red and Grey (1975)

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Some people seem so obsessed with the morning
Get up early just to watch the sun rise
Some people like it more when there's fire in the sky
Worship the sun when it's high
Some people go for those sultry evenings
Sipping cocktails in the blue, red, and gray
But I like every minute of the day

I like every second, so long as you are on my mind
Every moment has its special charm
It's all right when you're around, rain or shine
I know a crowd who only live after midnight
Their faces always seem so pale
And then there's friends of mine who must have sunlight
They say, “a sun tan never fails”
I know a man who works the night shift
He's lucky to get a job and some pay
And I like every minute of the day

I dig every second
I can laugh in the snow and rain
I get a buzz from being cold and wet
The pleasure seems to balance out the pain

And so you see that I'm completely crazy
I even shun the south of France
The people on the hill, they say I'm lazy
But when they sleep, I sing and dance
Some people have to have the sultry evenings
Cocktails in the blue, red, and gray
But I like every minute of the day

I like every minute of the day

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