October 29, 2011

Santo & Johnny - Sleep Walk (1959)

Italian brothers from Brooklyn, New York, Santo and Johnny Farina had their first and biggest hit (heard below) in 1959 and continued milder success through the ‘60s. Their cover of The Beatles’ “And I Love Her” hit number one in Mexico for twenty-one weeks and their version of the theme song to The Godfather went to number one in Italy for twenty-one weeks, as well.

This song was the last instrumental to reach number one in the 1950s and is often tied to the final scene of La Bamba (1987), the Ritchie Valens story. Although it’s instrumental, it originally had lyrics written to accompany it. They never recorded a version using those lyrics, but Betsy Brye did later in 1959.

Santo & Johnny - Sleep Walk

Santo & Johnny - Sleep Walk (1959)

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