October 11, 2011

Buddy Holly - Smokey Joe's Cafe [Undubbed] (1959)

A pioneer of rock and roll, this man was one of the biggest artists of the ’50s rock scene and incredibly influential on The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, and all other rock musicians. The Beatles came up with their name by mimicking the insect name of Holly’s backing group, The Crickets. His popularity only lasted for one and a half years before The Day the Music Died, a plane crash which claimed his life, as well as the lives of The Big Bopper and Ritchie Valens.

This song was recorded in January of 1959, mere days/weeks before his death. This is the undubbed version which leaves out the session musicians and backup singer. I think this version is much, much better.

Also, in my opinion, the lyrics from “Come a Little Bit Closer” by Jay and The Americans must have been inspired by this song, as it’s nearly the same event occurring in both songs.

Buddy Holly - Smokey Joe's Cafe [Undubbed]

Buddy Holly - Smokey Joe's Cafe [Undubbed] (1959)

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One day, while I was eatin' down at Smokey Joe's Café
a-sittin' there, eatin’, down at Smokey Joe's Café
A chicken walked in through the door
That I had never seen before
At least I never saw her down at Smokey Joe's Café
And it scared me when she sat right down next to me

Her knees were almost touching mine at Smokey Joe's Café
A chill was runnin' down my spine at Smokey Joe's Café
I could smell her sweet perfume
She smiled and made my heart go ‘boom’
And everybody in the room at Smokey Joe's Café
They said, "be careful, that chick belongs to Smokey Joe"
And from behind the counter, I saw a man
A chef's hat on his head and knife in his hand
He grabbed me by the collar and began to shout
"You better eat up all your beans, boy, and clear right on out"

Well, I know I'll never eat again at Smokey Joe's Café
And so, I'll never see ‘er again at Smokey Joe's Café
I'd rather eat my chili beans
At Jim's or Jack's or John's or Jean’s
Than take my chances eating down at Smokey Joe's Café
I risked my life when- that Smokey Joe's a crazy fool

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  1. Thanks for posting. Had never heard this undubbed version before. This is as close to a pure, unadulterated Buddy Holly sound as we'll ever get.