I can't hear the music. What do you suggest?

To listen to the embedded music, you'll need the Adobe Flash Player, which you can find here. (Click) If you don't want the automatically included software that comes with it, don't forget to uncheck the box for McAfee/Google Chrome.

Our new music player, implemented June 21st, 2012, also incorporates the latest use of HTML5. Because of this, it is recommended that you have the latest version of whatever browser you use (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc).


How often are songs posted?

Songs are posted sporadically Monday through Friday at noon. Specifically, that's 12pm Eastern Standard Time. There can be anywhere from zero to five posts per week, depending on available time.


Do you take recommendations?

Suggestions are always welcome. The best method for recommending a song or group is via Twitter or Facebook.


Are all of those links in the paragraphs advertisements?

No, the text-links found throughout the site will take you to one of a few places: to another place on A Bit Like You And Me, to Wikipedia, Amazon, IMDB, or to the official site of the artist. None of the text-links are paid advertisements nor will they take you anywhere irrelevant. Each post has been personally linked to guide anyone interested toward further reading/listening.


I've heard people promoting the site on the radio player. Can I submit a promo?

Of course! I'm trying to keep a low ratio of promos to the total number of songs so that the promos don't interrupt the music too often. But, as the number of songs in the player grows, the number of promos can grow as well. If you'd like to submit a promo for the radio player, simply send your recording over via our Contact Us page.


  1. Nice site. I'm an oldies 50s & 60s music fanatic. Check out my blog and reply. I have great knowledge and want to share. Sad that Reg Presley of the Troggs and Rick Huxley of the DC5 died in the last few days. DC5 was my favorite group of the British Invasion. Mr Ed

    1. Hey Ed,
      You have a nice website as well. Get to writing and posting songs so everyone can enjoy whatever you like to listen to! =)
      The DC5 weren't too bad, but I have to admit that I enjoyed The Troggs much more. Still love that band!