September 09, 2019

Country Joe and the Fish - Cetacean (1968)

Together, recorded in 1967 and released in 1968, was the third album released by today’s featured band. Before recording started, Country Joe McDonald had departed from the group, forcing them to use the name “The Fish” for a brief period of time. But by the time recording had begun, Country Joe had reunited with his bandmates and contributed to the recordings.

The song heard below is the tenth track on Together. The title refers to cetaceans, which are marine mammals such as whales, dolphins, or porpoises. The song was written by the band’s original bassist, Bruce Barthol, who made his exit from the band one month after this album’s release. The album itself didn’t sell all that well, with the most common belief attributing the lack of sales to Country Joe’s absent songwriting due to his hiatus.

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Country Joe and the Fish - Cetacean (1968)

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Open the door and love walks in
Close the door and you’re alone again


  1. It was a nice surprise to find you have posted some more 'new oldies" in 2019.

    Thank you for posting these various songs of interest.

    I've enjoyed all four of your new 2019 music posts that you've chosen and shared here, as well as your always comprehensive background and commentary.

    1. Thanks! I appreciate your feedback. And I'm also sorry I don't post as frequently as I used to. Life has gotten quite busy and unfortunately this site has taken a few steps down on the list of priorities. But I always hope to keep posting. Thanks again.