July 13, 2016

Eddie & The Showmen - Mr. Rebel (1963)

As mentioned in a previous post, this band was created when guitarist Eddie Bertrand of The Bel-Airs left his group to start a new one that he would lead in a “harsher” surf rock sound. Formed in Southern California, the group had other notable members throughout their history, such as Dick Dodd- previously a Mouseketeer and later a member of The Standells- who was their original drummer; guitarist Larry Carlton would later become a famous jazz guitarist; and Rob Edwards would later be in the psychedelic band known as Colours.

Released in late 1963, the song heard below was composed by Bertrand and definitively the group’s most popular release, despite all of their singles selling well. The group was in a unique position, being an instrumental band signed to a big label (Liberty Records). Unfortunately, Liberty never saw fit to release a full-length album, and the band only put out singles. The song below reached number four on the local Los Angeles market in February 1964, making it the group’s highest (albeit locally) charting hit. The song was produced by Bert Bertrand, Eddie's father.

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Eddie & The Showmen - Mr. Rebel (1963)

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