March 01, 2013

Adrian Pride - Her Name is Melody (1966)

Adrian Pride was the pseudonym for the songwriter Bernie Schwartz, who had done some work with The Everly Brothers, who were now returning the favor by producing the hit by Adrian heard below. Although he would later sing lead in the group the Comfortable Chair and use his given birth name for their album released in 1969, it was decided by Phil Everly that for the recording heard below he would use the stage name “Adrian Pride.”

This song was written by Bernie Schwartz and another individual with the last name of Slater. I can't find much more information than that. With an Indian/raga influence, this song was released in 1966 and featured the B-Side cover of The Kinks “I Go To Sleep.” Unfortunately, the song failed to make an impact on any music charts after its initial release; but luckily the song was given new life when it was re-released on the 2004 compilation album, Hallucinations: Psychedelic Pop Nuggets from the WEA Vaults.

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Adrian Pride - Her Name is Melody (1966)

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Before she came, a storm raged deep inside of me
But she calmed the angry waves before they tore the heart from me
Her name- her name is melody

It’s impossible to say what it's like to be with her
She’s beyond the words I need to tell you what I see in her
Her name- her name is melody

When I die, God, look into the soul of me
To see the good and the bad, but then he’ll also see
My love, my love for melody

Melo- Melody

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  1. The guitar intro reminds me of 'Taxman' by The Beatles