September 12, 2012

The Jive Five - My True Story (1961)

Coming out of Brooklyn, New York in the late 1950s, this American doo-wop group struggled to remain with any one label in their fifty year history. Starting with Beltone records, they were known as the name seen above (and released their most famous song, heard below); since, they have been signed to United Artists, Decca, Avco, Chess, and Columbia Records using various names such as The Jyve Fyve, Shadow, and Ebony, Ivory, and the Jades. If you were born in the ‘70s or ’80s, you may remember an older group of gentlemen singing jingles on the kids’ television network, Nickelodeon. The famous “Nic-Nic-Nic” jingle was sung by them.

Released in 1961, this song was the group’s most popular recording. It reached number three on the Billboard Hot 100, as well as the top of the charts, number one, on the R&B tracks.

[Note: If you'd like to hear the group singing the doo-wop jingles for Nickelodeon, check out this video that someone posted on YouTube.]

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The Jive Five - My True Story (1961)

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(Cry) Cry, cry, woah
(Cry) Cry, cry, woah

There is a story, yeah
That I must tell
Of two lovers
That I bewail

Now they must cry, cry
(Cry) Woah
Their blues away
(Cry, cry, cry, their blues away)

Her name was Sue, yes
His name was Earl
His love was Lorraine
She's a wonderful girl

But they must cry, cry
(Cry) Woah
Their blues away
(Their blues away)

Love will make you happy
And love will make you cry
Love will make the tears fall
When your lover says goodbye

And then you'll cry, cry
(Cry) Woah
Your blues away
(Cry, cry, cry their blues away)

This story ends, yes
It was no lie
Names have been changed, dear
To protect you and I

But we must cry, cry
(Cry) Woah
Our blues away
(Cry, cry, cry)
Mmm (Woah, our blues away)
We must cry (Cry)
(Cry, cry, cry, woah, our blues away)

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