June 04, 2012

The Leathercoated Minds - Non-Stop (1967)

This “group” is remembered as a project that was rushed together to capitalize on the 1966 psychedelic L.A. music scene by a small record company called Viva. Releasing only one album, two men were primarily responsible for what was put out: producer Snuff Garrett and a young musician, J.J. Cale (Not the same John Cale as that in The Velvet Underground). Titled A Trip Down the Sunset Strip, the album got its name because, as remembered by Garrett, “we had a real good shot (picture) of Sunset Boulevard and we needed an album to go with it.”

Cale, who would later be remembered for authoring “After Midnight” and “Cocaine” (later popularized by Eric Clapton) composed four instrumental tracks to accompany the eight cover-songs on the album. This song is one of those instrumental tracks. Besides writing the songs, Cale also produced and played guitar on them.

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The Leathercoated Minds - Non-Stop (1967)

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