February 15, 2012

Derek and the Dominos - Keep on Growing (1970)

Upset with the fighting between Delaney and Bonnie Bramlett, the members of Delaney & Bonnie & Friends had had enough and said their goodbyes. Soon after, Eric Clapton and his former bandmates put together this group in the spring of 1970. Their name came about in a brainstorming session where “Derek” came from a nickname bestowed on Clapton by a star-struck rock pianist, Tony Ashton, meaning to say “Eric,” and “the Dominos” from their admiration for rock and roll legend Fats Domino.

This song was originally an instrumental known as “Airport Shuffle” that the band used to open up concerts with for loosening up. When they attempted to include it on their upcoming album, Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs, it was vetoed by the powers that be. Bobby Whitlock, the group’s keyboardist, walked out to the studio’s lobby, wrote the lyrics at that very moment (in about 20 minutes), and walked back in the recording room to add the new vocals with Clapton.

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Derek and the Dominos - Keep on Growing (1970)

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I was laughin’
Playin’ in the streets
I was unknowin’
I didn't know my fate
The game of love
But never really showin’
I thought that love could wait

I was a young man and a’sure to go astray
You walked right into my life and told me love would find a way

To keep on growin’
Keep on growin’
Keep on growin’

I was standin’
Lookin’ in the face of one who loved me
Feelin’ so ashamed

And prayin’, Lord, that she could understand me
But I didn't know her name
She took my hand in hers and told me I was wrong
She said, “You're gonna be all right, boy, oh just as long”

“As you keep on growin’
Ah, keep on growin’
Ah, keep on growin’”
Yeah, yeah, yeah

Someday baby, who knows where or when, Lord
Just you wait and see
We'll be walkin’
Together hand in hand; alone forever
Woman, just you and me

'Cause time is gonna change us, Lord, and I know it's true
Our love is gonna keep on glowin’ and growin’ and it's all we gotta do

Keep on growin’ keep on growin’
A’keep on growin’, yeah, yeah, yeah
Keep on growin’, keep on growin’
A’keep on growin’

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