February 17, 2016

The Remains - Heart (1966)

In 1964, at Boston University, four students from a dormitory across the street from Fenway Park in Kenmore Square decided to form a band. The lead singer and guitarist, Barry Tashian, and their keyboardist, Bill Briggs, were both from Westport, Connecticut. Their drummer, Chip Damiani, was from Wolcott, Connecticut. Their bassist, Vern Miller, was from Livingston, New Jersey.

It was when the band’s live acts began to accumulate groups of people lined all the way back to Fenway Park down the street that the band really took off locally. They were signed to Epic Records and released some singles that did well regionally. In 1965, the band relocated to New York City and made an appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show, furthering their stardom. In 1966, the band moved out to California, trying to tap into the west coast, and made an appearance on Hullaballoo. Their persistence and dedication paid off; but, unfortunately, for only a short period of time.

It was in 1966 that the band was made an offer to appear as an opening act for what would become The Beatles’ last tour. Though most members of the band were ready for the tour, it was their drummer Chip Damiani who, for one reason or another, decided to back out of the tour and quit the band. The group’s replacement (future Mountain drummer N.D. Smart) was skilled enough, but lacked the preparation and experience with his bandmates to fill the void that was left by Damiani. Though the group was able to get through the tour, they disbanded later that same year.

The song heard below was written by Georges Aber, Tony Hatch, and an uncredited Petula Clark. It was first recorded and released by Petula Clark in June 1965. The version heard below was recorded for the band’s only album, titled The Remains, and released to little ado in 1966 as the album's opening track.

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The Remains - Heart (1966)

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I can hear my heart
Every time we meet
Every time we part

When I'm in your arms
I can hear my heart
We kiss
And the rhythm starts

I can hear the beat, beat, beat
Every time you're here
What? Don't speak to me
'cause I just couldn't hear

I can hear the boom, boom, boom
Like a rhythm of a train
Like a thousand drums
There it comes again

Woah, what can I do now?
My heart is beating just for you

Yeah, my poor heart
Well, can't you see?
What you have started
Oh, what you're doing to me?

You gotta stop now
I'm going crazy
I’m going out of my head

You gotta stop now
I'm feeling hazy because I got it so bad

I'm so in love with you
Nothing I can do
And I'm gonna lose my heart to you

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