November 14, 2014

The Tokens - Tonight I Fell In Love (1961)

This doo-wop group was first assembled under the name the Linc-Tones in 1955 while its members attended Abraham Lincoln High School together in Brooklyn, New York. One of the original members was Neil Sedaka, who would go on to become a huge star in his own right; but, by 1957, Sedaka and nearly all of the other original members of the band had parted ways, leaving behind only Hank Medress as the sole original member.

In 1960, the group welcomed brothers Mitch and Phil Margo to fill the void. At the time of his acceptance into the group, Mitch Margo was only thirteen years old and already a multi-instrumentalist. By February 1961, the group released the song heard below, which had been co-written by the young Mitch Margo, his brother Phil, and Hank Medress. The song reached number fifteen on the Billboard Hot 100, and created the opportunity for the group to appear on American Bandstand. The popularity which they achieved from appearing on the television show provided the group with the opportunity to further their careers by recording what would become their most famous song: a cover of Solomon Linda’s “The Lion Sleeps Tonight.”

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The Tokens - Tonight I Fell In Love (1961)

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(Tonight I fell in love)

Tonight, tonight I fell in love
I want the stars above
To know tonight I fell in love

Tonight, I gave my heart away
True love is here to stay
'cause tonight I fell in love

Oh, what a wonder
This magic spell I'm under
This feeling that I feel
Is it really real?
My heart beats so fast
I pray that it will last
'til the end of time

(Tonight I fell in love)

Tonight, oh, may it last forever
Forever and ever
Yes, tonight I fell in love
Yes, tonight I fell in love
Yes, tonight I fell in love

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