April 11, 2013

The U.F.O.'s - Hello World (1967)

This band, formed in 1966, was one of the first all-female rock groups in rock history. Although often overlooked because of the lack of access to their material, they can be heard performing their song “Hello World” in the 1967 movie The Love-Ins. With at least one member from Buffalo, New York (lead singer and guitarist Lisa Kindred), the band called California their home. They were almost signed by Capitol Records, but Vanguard Records didn’t want to release Kindred from her contract (she had been signed as a solo folk artist.) Members of the band included: Lisa Kindred (guitar, vocals); Ann Sternberg (bass); Diane/Helena Tribuno (guitar); and Laurie Stanton (drums). Out of the four, Sternberg, Tribuno, and Kindred can also be seen talking about "love in 'modern' music" in the rock documentary Inside Pop: The Rock Revolution, hosted by Leonard Bernstein and released in 1967.

Other than this song appearing in the 1967 movie The Love-Ins, I know very little else about this band or their song heard below. If you have any information, please leave a comment or send an email.

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The U.F.O.'s - Hello World (1967)

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Hello world
I think I’m loving you
Open my eyes
What else could I do?

Stained glass sunlight
Shining on heads of gold
Long haired children
Flowers to hold in their-
Love to unfold from their hands

Sandalwood and jasmine
Driftin' through the air
My mind is smiling
Whisperin' a silent prayer

Let the peaceful feeling
That we have shared today
Come on, sunrise
Bring it on here to stay
Never to fade away

Colored flowers, smiles all surround
Beauty of sight, the fullness of the sound

Vaulting rhythms plotting inside of me
Loving, trusting, this is the way to be-
This is the way to be free


  1. Lisa Kindred performs regularly at Grant Street Saloon in SF, DAdler 3/15

    1. If it's within your power to send her our way, we'd love to get the story of The UFOs from her. Thank you for the info!

  2. Any way I can get an MP3 of this song??

  3. I googled this group while watching a CBS Doc from the 60's on YouTube.its called The Pop Revolution with Leonard Bernstein. They were interviewed with a guy from Canned Heat.

  4. Lisa still sings at the Saloon in San Francisco's North Beach and in Mill Valley, California. A great 12-string guitarist, influenced by her friend and folk repository, the late Dave Van Ronk.